So the little person in your life is turning one soon and you aren’t sure how to celebrate this milestone? Have you considered a Cake Smash Session?

Like many trends in photography, Cake Smash sessions actually started in the US. Over the last 5 years has become much more common place in the UK. Initially the trend was for the session to take place a month or so before a first birthday, so that images could be used for Birthday invitations. In my experience most UK parents like to book their little person’s Cake Smash on their birthday, as it’s a great way of spending the day focusing on the birthday boy or girl having fun. The focus is all on your little one’s enjoyment and you get some great images at the same time!

Most cake smash sessions start with pre-cake images. This can be anything that the parents request, I find most parents would like a few traditional images of their child on their own, then parent and or sibling images. Often parents will bring in objects of sentimental value, special toys etc for this part. 

pre cake smash images  |  Sally Slack Photography

Now we are all aware that most one year olds don’t have a huge concentration span so the introduction of the cake is a great distraction, and is essentially messy play. Parents who are convinced that their little person will smash the cake in seconds are often amazed at how restrained they are and visa versa. Most parents are surprised at how little cake is actually eaten.

getting stuck in!  |  Sally Slack Photography

After the cake part of the session, it’s common place for a splash time, which means the birthday girl of boy have a splash in a tub to clean up. Nearly every photographer will tell you they haven't had any one year old that hasn’t loved bath time in the studio. Often these are parent's images from the session.

splashing good fun!  |  Sally Slack photography

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