If a listing displays the BANPAS icon, the photographer subscribes to BANPAS.

Pro subscribers have to submit a portofolio of images to a panel of judges and attain a high enough score for consistent quality of work.

Our Pro Members produce some of the best work we see.

BANPAS members have access to all the latest safety information and are encouraged to keep up to date with posing techniques and trends in styling. Our monthly competitions see members push themselves to be the best they can be, technically and our business resources give members a head start in giving their clients the very best in customer care. Our directory also makes it incredibly simple for you to search for the perfect photographer for your family.

BANPAS members are NOT approved in any way to be a member.  Any photographer who wants to join our friendly and unique association for learning and support are welcomed with open arms, whatever their level. We want to educate both photographers and the public about safety and raise awareness about the very specialised nature of newborn baby photography.

Our Pro Members work is assessed but only for the quality of images, we don’t assess safety.

So, while BANPAS is an excellent resource for finding a photographer to work with, please be advised that none of our members have to qualify in any way to join.

We don’t condone anyone suggesting that by being a member of BANPAS that they have somehow passed a safety assessment or have attained a qualification.  This is misleading to clients and may promote a false sense of security for parents.  We cannot regulate the industry in any way – how would that work?  How would we know that the safety measures people tell us they take, they actually see that through?  Who would regulate trainers giving out qualifications?  

True regulation of the industry would involve unannounced visits from an inspectorate body and a whole host of red tape – something that would probably be overkill and almost impossible to organise.

We actively ask our members to not make any claims to being qualified in any way.

We encourage all our members to undergo regular training in all aspects of photography, including lighting, safety awareness and posing.

Many trainers will certify that a photographer has attended a workshop, rather than claiming a photographer has "passed" or has become "qualified".

Please satisfy yourself that your chosen photographer can answer any questions or concerns you may have - and always ask for testimonials if in any doubt.


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